Mind the Gap

Over the last five years, there has been a big shift in how customers want to engage with brands and this has led to a renewed focus on digital as a vital channel for customer interaction, and a need for financial services and fintech companies to keep up.

Against this backdrop, some companies are finding that their skills, particularly in marketing, are not keeping pace with the move towards digital. As a consequence, they are not advancing in line with client expectations. Failure to transition into this new world will result in a lack of engagement in the content or marketing programmes being produced, leading to customers seeking alternative companies who do meet their expectations.

In order to succeed in marketing today, it is vital to create a consistent brand narrative that works across all digital and traditional assets. In the world of marketing, this requires a new set of skills as opposed to clinging on to ‘old school’ techniques. Understanding the need for excellence in digital is crucial. Understanding data and ways to enhance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), creating appropriate content that supports the brand narrative, but is tailored appropriately for the different online channels, adhering to best practices in email communication is a must. Social media is a powerful marketing tool for brands if used effectively – not only is it a great tool for communicating quickly with loyal followers, it also enables you to generate brand loyalty if you create engaging content that people want to share across their networks.

The digital transformation is also evolving, driven by changes in the way we access technology. This means being ‘mobile aware’ is now critical for marketing functions. For example, when developing a website, an important part of up-front planning is how it renders on mobile devices.

In short, with digital transformation, clients (institutional, wholesale and retail) now expect, and deserve, consistent, high-value digital experiences. This includes the ability to access content that is designed for the different digital channels, such as websites, email and social media. And when communicating with institutional and wholesale audiences, this requires making content available in the digital channels that they access most frequently. It’s what they already experience outside of financial services and it is transforming their expectations within the financial services arena.

There are a number of routes you can take to bolster your digital expertise that fit with your business requirements. One of the more flexible ways is engaging with an experienced marketing agency in this area –  one that has specialist digital content and financial services knowledge and can help your team upskill and move towards a digital mentality.

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