The customer is always right

An adage that has never been truer than today. The advent of technology, the plethora of new ways to connect with customers, and in turn, for them to reach business, has increased the need for marketing functions to adapt at pace.

In less than twenty years, we have seen the launch of facebook, twitter and youtube – and more recently, highly influential platforms such as Instagram which has led to the rise of social influencers.

This rapid change means that customers are taking more control of their decision making, it’s not good enough anymore to push your product out to customers and expect them to buy. Customers want to engage with authentic brands who share their values, beliefs and how to understand them as an individual.

So how can marketers adapt? Below we share our insights into the key elements the modern marketer needs to get on board with, in order to succeed:

1 Authenticity

Authenticity from brands has always contributed strongly to brand equity. Today, in the world of fake news and the blurring of promotional vs real content thanks to the rising popularity of Instagram and celeb culture, it’s becoming a driving force in consumer decision making. Therefore, it’s vital that marketers drive a strong sense of brand values and that this translates into all marketing interactions. This is where social listening is important. Is what your customers saying about you aligned to your actions? If not, do you have a mechanism to tackle this.

2 Integration

This brings us to our second tip, to deliver authenticity, you need to ensure that there is a seamless experience for your customer, tailoring content to the channel is important but are all these channels talking to each other? Is the narrative consistent? Is what they’re reading in the press consistent with what they see on your website? Can they view content on a mobile, pause, come back to it and pick it up when they switch on their pc?

3 Right technology and Data

To be able to deliver a fully integrated marketing experience, you need to invest in technology. Combining marketing creativity and integrating news skills such as data science into the marketing mix can be a real drain on resources – both time and money. The focus, therefore, must be to align technology priorities with the wider business and marketing priorities – just because there is a nice shiny new piece of marketing tech, doesn’t mean you need to invest and resource it right away.

For more on this see our article on investing in tech, the right way

4 Content is king

Having more channels and vehicles to engage with customers means more content, right? Well no, what drives engagement in part, is strong, relatable content, but how do brands create cut-through when we’re all inundated by information. According to a study by researchers at the University of California-San Diego, it is estimated that we consume 105,00 words per day, that’s a lot to process. Yet content, when used effectively can be a big driver in customer engagement. It’s also your friend from an SEO perspective.

Content is a vehicle for delivering your brand’s story. It needs to reflect your story while connecting with your audience. You don’t need to be producing huge volumes of content, better to produce less, but better, with content that resonates and engages your audiences enough for them to share, like and essentially endorse and broadcast for you.

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